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PTO Meeting Minutes Wednesday May 9, 2018

People in attendance:

Aimee Avery

Erin Korhorn

Shlee Gierewski

Lucy Rohani

Altina Scholl

Neggi Jafari

Beits Livneh

Christina Livneh

Kelly Prosnier

Michelle Kaufman

Carla DeMichiel-Calvisi

Cindy Bacioglu

Devin Johnson

Sara Goldman

Rachael May

Tricia Laches

Meeting started at 8:55

Kelly Prosnier:

Support staff really appreciated target gift cards, we spent $3,200, $1,200 of which was donated by an anonymous person. Full and part time non classified personnel received 200 and 100 gift cards.  We have received many thank yous, people were very humbled by the thoughtfulness of the pto.

Chick Fil A fundraiser $315

Din in dinner coordinator position is available for next year.

Kerry Jameson – Papa Johns pizza night every Tuesday thought-out the year, minimal work on our end just give code and we get 20% back.

Mr. Barnes:  Thanks for the teacher appreciation activities, thanks for doing the lounge the teachers are really enjoying it and appreciate it.  All events have been approved from district to be rescheduled after the strike.  Planters that were so dangerous have been moved and are being stored elsewhere.


Ashlee is doing a great job with teacher appreciation week, windows were a big hit, teachers loved the luncheon from George and Sons.  Popcorn party today, Thursday bring your teacher a lunch and Friday cards and gift cards.

Kerry Jameson: teachers love the lounge, thank you.  The Novak family donated the beautiful fridge, Christina coordinated the decor and many people donated items.


Drinking fountains have been installed on the playground, not cold but working.  Mr. Bragg’s will be replaced over the summer because the work is more extensive.  Working on getting filters for the cafeteria water fountains it has been a bit of a circus getting them.

Chromebooks have been ordered 36, paid for by the pto, district is not getting us more because our ratio is higher than other schools so that will be revisited at a later date.

Sara Goldman: ArtWalk Chick Fil A will there the was a conflict with the coffee cart and Piccolos is working on being there, she will work on getting some kind of cold treat there.  Orthodontist is bringing water, we still need help with set up the sign up genius is on the facebook page.  Miss Moore has done a lot of the labeling and we think she will let the kids take home their art that night.  Tickets are being sold at the door, sara will need help with ticket sales and handing out food.

Spring baskets will be turned in by Friday and kept in Diane’s office.


Dance is scheduled for Friday May 18, permission slips will go home soon, only parents or legal guardians can bring their child to the dance.  There will be a professional DJ it is free and only for 4th and 5th graders.

Devin: Corporate sponsers, most are coming back, Blue Adobe, Orthodontist, Nine Rounds, Little White Tooth (new) Zips and Goldies, CPK?,

Beits: we should look into asking financial advisors to sponser as well, lots of them in our area and they like to get their name out there.  Anasazi PTO website has added family owned business in the directory we already have 7-10, he has also set up a new directory that doesn’t cost us any money, David Ackerman will be maintaining it.


Next year’s board and positions
President – Michelle Kaufman

Spirit Wear – Jane Perstein

Trekkers – Kelly Goar

Community Sponsors – Tricia Laches/Devin Johnson

Yearbook –


Book Fair – Michelle Kaufman

new Family Liaison – Jane Perlstein

Grant Writing – Cindy?

C0-Treasurers – Kelly Prosnier/Devin Johnson

Room Parent Coordinator – Ashlee G

Membership – Altina Scholl –

Birthday Book Club – Altina Scholl

Dine in Dinner Coordinator –

halloween Buy Back – Jessica Chubirka

Shoppers Rewards – Julie Figura

In Reach Out Reach – as needed

Secretary – Gina Dyer

Bulletin Board – Sarah Chelton

Teacher’s Birthdays – Ashlee G

Health Office Support – Devin Johnson

Fifth Grade Recognition – Suzanne Tomasello

Back to School Packs – Nicole Vick

Copy Room Coordinator – Diane

VP of Special Events Sherry Stipp and Sara Goldman

Carnival – Jen Tepedino/Gina Dyer for volunteers

Fun Run – Rachael May

Online Auction – Carla Calvisi, Devin Johnson, Kelly Prosnier

Family Fun Nights –

Art Walk/Baskets – Katherine Hlzkopf

VP of Communications – Beits and Christina Livneh

Social Media – Christina Livneh

Hospitality – Brehan King

Website Content – Beits Livneh

Holiday Shop – Christina Livneh

Email Communication – Christina and Beits

Directory – David Ackerman

Beits – Online Auction ideas:  we should speak with other schools outside of Anasazi to get ideas, Cheyenne had a really successful auction.

Budget: We will keep it the same until the principal is selected.

Directory from $500 to $400

Instructional Aide $39,000 to $39,000

Classroom Assistance $11,000 to $10,000, $350 per teacher

Hospitality – Christina asked that it be increased to $3,000 which was approved

Cindy:  We should remind parents to thank our sponsers when we are in their place of business.

Kelly:  Painting, is Anasazi getting painted this summer?  Mr. Barnes didn’t know it was the plan but he hasn’t had an update.

Mr. Barnes and Dr. Victor left the meeting at 9:40

We continued with PTO business

Principal selection process meeting was last Monday, 2 parents will be selected we were told names would be selected out of a hat randomly but Kelly insisted that is not what we wanted so the PTO board will select the names.  One person from the PTO and one who is not as involved, board will decide tonight.  Interviews will be conducted all day on Tuesday May 15.

Most of Birdwell people are seeming to make their way out, there will be a school board meeting next week, we need to have our Anasazi voice heard please come if you can.  HR said they didn’t know that Anasazi was having problems, which no one believes because of teachers taking leave and parents  emailing district.

meeting adjourned at 9:57 am