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PTO Meeting Minutes Wednesday August 22, 2018

Members in Attendance:

  • Gina Dyer
  • Ashlee Gierszewski
  • Kelly Prosnier
  • Jane Perlstein
  • Eisa Patricia Berish
  • Rebecca Terpenny
  • Sara Goldman
  • Ai-Lin Dorsey
  • Daniel Burch
  • Lyn Fraleigh
  • Evelyn Jayme
  • Erin Korhorm
  • Devin Johnson
  • Erin Thompson
  • Altina Scholl
  • Terri Bonnstetter
  • Christina Livneh
  • Beits Livenh
  • Michelle Kaufman
  • Hillary West
  • Meeting Started at 9:00 am

Anasazi PTO Meeting Minutes

  • Welcome and Introductions
    1. Michelle Kaufman introduced herself
    2. We went around the room to introduce ourselves and what grade our child/children were in
    3. Introduction of the new board members and chair people
  • Open Positions
    1. New board members and position renewal will be in April
      1. Voting will take place to determine the new executive board and approval any position renewal
    2. Current Open Positions
      1. Yearbook
        • We will be using a new program this year
          • It will be from the same company that does the school picutres
          • Need someone to help Michelle organize the yearbook items and photos
          • Please take pictures since we do not have photographers
            • Send photos to Michelle via email
            • It is important that parents take photos and share so that we have some for the yearbook
  1. Workroom help
    • If you are available to help Dianne in the office make copies, please let her know
    • Always looking for help
  • Community Outreach
    1. Claire Fifield spoke about her role and the purpose of Community Outreach
    2. Nonprofit
    3. Help those in need of food, clothes. School supplies
    4. Important to let Nurse Renee know if we know of someone or if we are in need of this support service from the PTO
  • Family Game Night
    1. No longer being chaired by the Anasazi PTO Dads
      1. New chairperson – Charlie Wade
      2. Usually in February
  • Grant Writing
    1. Hillary West will be working with Cindy Bagcioglu
  • Fundraising
    1. Every month we would have a Dine Out Spirit Night
      1. Coordinator Erin Korhorn
      2. Incorporate monthly Papa John’s
        • 20% of the profits will be donated to Anasazi
  • Upcoming
    • Peter Piper
    • The Vig (all Sept)
      • McDowell location only
    • Chickfila (in October)
  1. Suggestions
    • Studio Movie Grill
      • We have not done this before but have reached out to them
      • They do not really give a percentage back. Rather they sell tickets at set rate and we are responibile for selling them
        • Basically renting out one of the theatre rooms and we resell tickets to students and families
  1. LY yielded $2000 from these fundraiser nights
  • Chalkboard Rewards
    1. Percentage of total order goes back to PTO
    2. Similar to Ebates
    3. Great to use for Holiday online Shopping
    4. Must sign up and choice Anasazi as the reward receiver
      1. Go to website to log in and then will be redirected to the shopping site.
      2. It will track spending and then give a percentage back to Anasazi based on personal order
    5. Other similar programs
      1. Amazon Smile
        • LY $150 was made through this program
        • Need to sign up on the website and link your Amazon account to gain rewards for Anasazi
        • Beits to send an email to all Anasazi Families
      2. Fry’s
        • LY yielded $500
  • Staples
    • Mention the school and money gets put back to them
  • JFCS Support
    1. We are looking to bring this counseling service back to the students and families of Anasazi
      1. Wanting on update from SUSD and Ms. Waldron
  • Constant Contact
    1. Looking to get rid of it
    2. Used for email blasts
      1. Useful to keep a history of old Anasazi families especially from the Online Auction
      2. Get the emails out about the events and auction to families no longer at Anasazi
  • Cost : $380 a year
    • We would need to decide and cancel by 9/15
  1. Reasons to Keep:
    • Online Auction
  2. Reasons to get rid:
    • Low hit Ration (1.2% only)
      • Registers only those opening emails on computer
      • Cost
  1. Alternative : Mail Chip
    • Free if under 2000
    • Able to export the contacts and keep for 10 years
      • Point of program would be to keep the contact history
    • VOTE:   Cancel Constant Contact and export current contacts
  • Treasurer Update (Kelly Prosnier)
    1. Expense Forms
      1. Must filled out and follow the expense form
          • Fill it out and attach receipt
  1. Located in the PTO box in the main office
  • Must get board approval prior to making an purchases to ensure that the item will be needed and reimbursed
  1. Carry over from 2017-2018 Year
    1. $34k
    2. no major budget changes this year
      • Few slight changes
  • Corporate Sponsors
    1. Devin Johnson
      1. Work with Dianne in the office to get the space on the Marquee to advertise the business
        • Need to make sure we are able to use the marquee
          • Make sure it is not needed for either school or SUSD announcement
        • Beits
          • Would like to see us work on getting the funding or a new sign from SUSD
            • We should hopefully be getting funding from the district to change it out
          • Kerry Jameson (Update)
            1. Liaison to the teacher and PTO
            2. Teachers thanked the PTO for the welcome back gifts (shirts) and support
            3. Classroom Reimbursement
              1. $350 reimbursement allowance for Full time teacher
              2. $150 reimbursement allowance for Part Time teachers
            4. Staff Service
              1. Teachers liked the Black Polo Shirts with Anasazi
                • Reordered new colors and teachers are purchasing them
  • Spirit Wear
    1. Ordered new dry fit style with a new design
      1. Comes in Pink, Purple and Blue
    2. Order XS for the younger kids
    3. Side Walk Sale
      1. Will be having a sidewalk sale once the weather cools down
  • Birthday Book Clud
    1. $25 to purchase a book for the library in your child’s name
      1. Your child will be the first to check the book out
      2. Spring Party for all those in the club
  • Carnival
    1. Update by Gina Dyer
    2. Date will be November 16
    3. Volunteers
      1. Suggested and decided to go back to having shifts
      2. Ensure that we have volunteers for set up and clean up
  • Room Parents
    1. Update given by Ashlee Gierszewski
    2. Meeting at 9 am on Monday, August 27
    3. Classes still needed room parents
      1. Milke, Vassaou, Griffith
  • Update from Ms Waldron
    1. JFCD
      1. No official word yet
      2. Looks good
  • Funding to be provided by PTO
  1. Amy Gallo (front runner) to help Anasazi
    • We will share her with Redfield
  2. Role:
    • Small Group/Character building
    • Help with Trauma situations
    • In lieu of counselors since AZ does not have funding
    • Parent must opt in to the program
  3. Laptops
    1. PO went through last year
    2. The computers have not come in yet
  • Check with Diane for update
  1. Java with Jen
    1. Not a big turn but could be because of the time or the same day as curriculum night
  2. Data meeting to go over AZ Merit
    1. 4/5 grade or younger
    2. go over standards
      • willing to explain and go over what she can of the test and the process
      • Writing Portion
        • Similarity after reading 2 articles and use quotes to show how they are similar
      • Standards
        • State keeps changing the way the determine the school grading
          • Lucky to be an “A” school
          • New standard = harder standards
        • Website
          1. Update the photos
          2. Need to wait till day 18 to change photos to ensure that a child’s image can be used
          3. Email Michelle with any group photos you may have
        • Upcoming Events
          1. Family Game Night – February
          2. Art Walk/ Dance – May
          3. Field Day – Mr Bragg to give a date
          4. Next PTO Meeting : 9/12
        • Anasazi Support
          1. Maybe come up with a car magnet or cling to show pride in our school and help promote enrollment
          2. Corporate Sponsor Banner
            1. Able to still donate but will not be included on the shirts or banner
            2. Waldron to check on if we can hang the banner all year
              • If yes, she will check on where it can be hung
            3. In Reach
              1. Gave a family a gift card this month due to death in immediate family member