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PTO Meeting Minutes April 17, 2018

Meeting Started at 9:05 and was held at Eggstasy on Via Linda

People in attendance:

Aimee Avery

Sherry Stipp

Altina Scholl

Tanjia Hong

Sara Goldman

Kelly Prosnier

Michelle Kaufman

Christina Livneh

Beits Livneh

Lucy Rohani

Neggi Jafari

Nicole BoBo

Ashlee Gierswerski

Jen Tepedino

Evelyn Soneschein

Kizzy Boyer

Gina Dyer

Brehan King

Erin Thompson

Online Auction wrap up:

The online auction made $8,900.  A few things were not purchased and will be kept for later use as needed ie: teacher appreciation, spring baskets or whatever.  Wines for humanity wanted to know how much we sold it for.  Carla is getting ready for next year, if anyone has anything to donate please let her know.

Chick fil A night April 25 – Meredith, the recommend having 2 people to help, we have 8 teachers who have volunteered thanks for Kerry Jameson – games will be on the patio and we can paint the windows if we want.  They wanted to know if we want the cow to come to the school, the flyer is being prepared.

Chipotle night made around $300

Chromebooks – 36 will be provided by the district we will just have a wait until next year probably and the pto will purchase another cart of 36.

Drinking Fountains – District is going to replace water fountains on the playground and in the pe room.  Christina has been going back and forth with Dennis Roller and he keeps pushing it out.  Christina asked that parents put pressure on him by emailing.

Teacher’s Lounge – Christina – Old refrigerator was donated by Erin Novak for the teachers lounge in the old CBS classroom.  They are decorating it in a old farm style, they have added a coffee table and combined the conference room on one side and lounge on the other.

Media Center – guided reading books have been organized and teacher are being encouraged to use it as a resource.

Edu kit – Nicole and Neepa – edukit is up and ready on the website.  Michelle K was told by office max that if you mention the school name the school will get a kick back in the way of a gift card.

Art Walk -= Volunteers needed, sign up just wen out we will have Chick fil A, Picolos, Shugs coffee and the orthodontist  will be providing water.  Chorus singing on the stage.  We already have 40 pre-orders, Sara might want help with tickets since the sales seem to be more than years past.  Still waiting to see if the art teacher wants to let the kids take their artwork home that night.  Everything will be in the cafeteria.

Teacher appreciation – need more volunteers to do doors/windows.  Spring baskets, blue tape in office for doors.  Monday doors, Tuesday pto lunch, Wednesday popcorn bar, Thursday bring them a lunch and Friday thank you and gift card.

Budget Meeting – Kelly and Michelle met with Mr. Barnes, he has a lot of plans for the next school year.  Shame he is not voicing it to everyone.  He wants to have a pizza celebration for all the kids using his discretionary funds after AZ merits are finished.  He will not do a parent forum he would like parents to set up one on one meetings to discuss any questions or concerns they may have.

Kids – Should we do a kids appreciation day from the PTO, giving out Popsicle?

Summer Discipline Seminar – 6 teachers plus Dr. Victor are going to a seminar in Las Vegas and Diane wanted to know if they can use their left over funds from this year to pay for hotel, we said ok.

Teacher 2 day retreat at Taliesen – We agreed to pay $400 for retreat, Mr. Barnes also wanted us to pay for lunch which we will not do since it is in the summer and would need coordinating.

Mr. Barnes – Next year would like to have a patriotic day once a month and honor two kids from every class and eventually honor everyone.

News Crew – Mr. Barnes asked to up the news crew budget so he can move it and upgrade it, he wants more kids to be involved .

Yearbook – Mr. Barnes wants to get kids involved.

Meeting adjourned around 10:15am