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PTO Meeting Minutes Wednesday 9/12/2018

By September 26, 2018Meeting Minutes

PTO Meeting #2
Meeting started at 8:49 am

Those in attendance:
Gina Dyer
Sherry Stipp
Jane Perlstein
Sara Goldman
Kelly Prosnier
Michelle Kaufman
Jen Waldron
Beits Livneh
Christina Livneh
Jill Vertes
Kerry Jameson

Health Screening
The Health Screening will be 9/13/18
Signup genius has gone out and we have a good number of parents volunteering
PTO earned $175
Papa John’s
No official numbers yet
Sales to around $800. (Once again not confirmed)
Ms. Moses class had the most participation (Again not confirmed)
Waiting on confirmation from Papa Johns on all earnings and winning class
Dairy Queen
Tonight 9/12/18
Currently $7600 from this year
Birthday Book Club
$1050 raised so far
Pick a name of students who have registered as member for the PTO to throw a pie in Ms. Waldron’s Face
Ms. Waldron was happy to participate
Names will be put in a hat of those who have contributed and then children will be selected
Spirit Wear
Pop Up Sale went well
Numbers of sales to date : $1500
Spirit Stick help drive kids to wear school shirts or colors
Teachers are to include gray in as a spirit on Friday since Silver is one of our colors
Ms. Albrizzi’s class won last week for having the most students with spirt on Friday
Car Sticker/Magnet
Voted against doing another sticker
Depending on the costs we will decide if we use them as prizes, giveaways or for sale
Voted to keep the same design as the stickers but will be magnets instead
Ms. Waldron wants used these as incentives for teachers
Online Store
Talked about having an online store similar to Redfield and Cheyenne
Talked about ordering from online vendors that do not have a minimum quantities.
Not always the best quality
Shipping costs can be high
Program Similar to Cheyenne
Order online and then have them delivered to the school to distribute
Allows parents to order sweats when the weather is cooler or sizes in case their children grow out of current shirts
Program Similar to Redfield
They do a cheaper rate for items for the 1st 2 months of school
Then price will increase
They have the items available throughout the year and parents pay shipping
Shipping costs
Local shop we order from is far away so we would need to have someone be able to go pick up orders and distribute
Iron On Decals
This can be an alternative where we would sell the decals and parents will iron the decal onto the items they want
Order different sizes for sweat pants, sweat shirts and t shirt
Currently on the second pricing tier
$34 a book now
The $28 special ended after August 30
Room parents and PTO members are encouraged to send in pictures to Michelle so we are able to fill the pages
5th Grade
New this year, we will have the 5th grader put a quote under their name and photo about their favorite things about Anasazi
Grant Writing
Michelle did mention that she will work with the Chairs to try to get grants requests sent to Loews and Home Depot
Community Sponsors
Christina mentioned that she has ordered prizes
She has only ordered 3 types of candy for prizes
Less than last year but better so we do not have a lot of left overs
Beginning in October on Fridays
Use the current bracelets and remarket them as backpack charms
Currently have 400
Kelly Gore wanted to not use them but PTO decided to remarket and have the kids collect charms for their backpacks
They have been ordered
Girls necklace “I love to run”
Can use some light up items or left over carnival items
Trouble finding older boy prizes but Christina is still working on it
Check with local business or corporate sponsors to see if they would like to donate any of their promotional items
Christina will also be donating items to Ms. Waldron and the office for the prize wheel
Anasazi All Stars
First Assembly went well
Kids were really excited
Ms. Waldron told teachers that she would like to make sure that if a student will be out of school or parent could not attend then she would like them to be saved for another assembly
Ms. Waldron is welcome to any suggestions
She would like to start showcasing some clubs and groups within the school
Teacher update
Ms. Jameson said that the teachers are happy
Online Auction
We will be combining our online efforts with Mountainside Middle School.
More exposure
Any school specific items will be auctioned for that school participates only
Combining gift cards to make baskets and make it more appealing
Some big gifts cards or more popular gift cards will be sold on their own
Channel 12
Beits knows someone who works there and they may be able to do some free advertising for the online auction to drive traffic
Ms. Waldron is ok with that but would like to review the script or verbiage prior to air time
Advertise in principal newsletter
Ms Waldron is ok with that and would like the PTO to provide the verbiage
Scholastic Book Fair
Theme : Enchanted Forest
Thinks fairies, gnomes, butterflies, unicorns
Dates: 9/24-9/29
Signup genius will go out after the health screening is done
Will need help setting up and cleaning up
Teachers will be able to do a preview
Teachers will be doing the wish list baskets again
Spare Change
Scholastic will match what we make to give books to those in need and we use the money to buy books for the school
Best Sellers
Michelle has already put in an order for the popular items to hopefully ensure we have enough of those items this year
Moving Forward
We will have it open and are looking for some parents who will not be going to the moving forward meeting
Moving Forward Meeting
Update from Jen Waldron
Date 9/25 at 5
Adults only
Where we currently are as a school
Where we want to be
Goals for the school and the year
Resources for what you can do with your child to prepare
Want to discuss the Focus, Reality and What to do at home
Parents of Pre-K- 5th grade are invited to attend
Scottsdale Parent Council
Date: 9/26
Location: Mohave District Annex
Time: 9:30
Update from Jen Waldron
Not allowed because of offending someone who does not celebrate the Halloween holiday or for kids and families that are unable to afford it
Confirmed that we will have Amy Gallo at the school for 4 hours on Tuesdays
Navajo Elementary School
Closed for the remainder of the year
Teachers and students are not able to go in and nothing in the school can be touched
Still investigations currently going on
Currently health concerns with the school
They may scratch the school or rebuild
Currently having classes at Oak Learning Academy
Spirit wear
Teachers and students are happy
Restaurant Fundraisers
Some parents would like to see healthy options for these nights
Looking in Mad Greens
9/11 Patriotism Day
Jen had asked all teachers to submit any lesson plans that they wanted to teach on that day regarding the incidents of 9/11
She wanted to ensure that it was age appropriate as well as if parent permission slips may need to be sent out to ensure that parents, teachers and administrators all knew what was to be taught that day
There was never a ban on teaching about the day or what happened but rather wanted to ensure we were doing it in an age appropriate manner
Diane Murphy will be moving her office to Anasazi
She is from the district
She will ensure that we are focusing on writing at all grade levels
She will found out what is currently being taught and make sure we are teaching the curriculum is universal across the board
Spelling should not be vocabulary words
The words should have something in common such as letter sound or ending with the same letters
Class DoJo
Should be used for behavior
Should not be the only method of the teacher’s correspondence with the parents
Working with teachers to use and acknowledge emails from parents
If they do not have the answer, then make sure tell parents that they would get back to them
Children Office Visit
Parents should be made aware that their child had to go to the office as a witness to an incident or for disciplinary reasons
Jen believes in the due process
Children should be heard as to what has happened and statement will be taken
Major focus this to ensure that it is being taught and consistent
Need to teach basics and then build upon it each year so that the children will be good at writing and ready for the testing
Other Announcements
Shopping Bags
Please bring in any extra shopping bags that you may have or collect for the holiday shoppe
Meet with teachers for room parent information and schedule for parties
Parents will be running carnival booth but it is good to let the teachers know what booth the class has signed up for
Next Meeting
Tuesday 10/16