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PTO Meeting Minutes 3/21/18

March 21, 2018 Minutes

People in attendance:

Aimee Avery

Lucy Rohani

Negi Jafari

Kelly Prosnier

Ashlee Gierwski

Lynette Collins

Meredith McManus

Cindy Bagcioglu

Michelle Kaufman

Devin Johnson

Christina Liveneh

Sara Goldman

Donna Ross

Jen Tepedino

Chris Barnes

Meredith – Dinning fundraiser summary – Chipotle raised $314

Chick Fil A will be the next fundraiser on April 25, set for 4-7pm but will ask to change it to 5-8pm . They allow the kids to perform and decorate they will provide a couple games, giant Jenga and cornhole.  They require two adults to be present at all time.  Kelly will email Mrs. Jameson to ask if teachers would like to take shifts to be at the fundraiser.

Michelle K – Used Book Fair wrap up –

Used book fair raised $4,229!  They will be cleaning it up after the meeting and asking for donations for next year’s used book fair.  Scholastic made $2,659 in the Fall.

Kelly P – Online Auction –

Carla Calvisi is doing a great job of collection items for the auction which will start on Monday.  Teachers have all turned in their donations, some planned things off site and are aware that a parent will need to be in attendance as well.  We have great items so please share with family and friends people do not need to be anasazi families to bid.

Sara G – Art Walk –

Art work will be displayed in the middle of the cafeteria and the choir will be on the stage.  Spring baskets will be towards the back of the room near the restrooms, artwork will also be displayed in the hallways.  Picollos will be selling Italian Ice, Orthodontist will donate water, coffee cart is being brought in and another food option is being explored.

Kerry Jameson – Papa Johns does recurring dinning fundraisers that we should look into, Meredith will look into it.

Ashlee G – Teacher Appreciation – May 7-11

Monday – Door decorations, can be either hung Friday or Monday morning

Tuesday – PTO Pot luck

Wednesday – Popcorn bar in teacher’s lounge

Thursday – Fav lunch or snack brought in organized by room parents

Friday – Card day/gift cards

Kerry Jameson – Thank you to the PTO for the luncheon during conference week – Mad Greens was a huge success.

Kelly – What to do with Money this year –

Kerry Jameson – Teachers have mentioned that it would be nice to have the teacher’s lounge spruced up.  The refrigerator isn’t working well, Christina mentioned that there is a refrigerator in the copy room and why don’t we have that moved into the lounge.

What does the school need?  Chromebooks?  Barnes – campus beautification? Garden? Gardening club?  PTO spent hundreds of dollars about 3 years ago buying pots and flowers which were not taken care of.  Critters are a concern, as well as upkeep.  Kevin M – Great ideas, need to be on same page as district so anything we buy will be supported by the district, PTO needs to focus on education.  Computer Lab?  Is it still being used?  Yes and will be used for testing, PTO will buy new mousepads in time for testing.

Kelly – Budget Carry-over

Last year we carried over $45,000 which is too much we need to spend the money this year and carry over around $20,000.

Barnes – He will have refrigerators switched out.

Kelly – Next Year –

Positions for the next year will be sent out soon.

Michelle K – Can we have someone shadow Beits because of all he does we will need someone to fill his shoes.  Christina, most other ptos pay someone to maintain websites

Next Meeting 4/17

Dance 5/18 – Permission slip will be going out, no phones, parents must stay and no in and out.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 am