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PTO Meeting January 18, 2018

By February 12, 2018Meeting Minutes

People in attendance:

Lucy Rohani

Aimee Avery

Kelly Prosnier

Beiths Livneh

Michelle Kaufman

Jen Tepedino

Rachel Keller

Kerry Jameson

Nicole BoBo

Devin Johnson

Neggi Jafari

Rachel – Fun Run Update:

Big Dog wanted to know what the money is going towards.  There will be 2 tracks they take of the water station, 10% back to the teachers this year?  Kelly – yes.  Send Mrs. C an email to get the fun run team on the news crew.

fun run goal was changes from $50,000 to $45,000.  Volunteers are still needed, Rachel will sen out the sign up and 70% will go back to the school.

Do we want to do the fun run again next year?  Kelly – We have looked at different options but we can’t make as much money without putting a ton of man hours in this is a no brainer.

Kelly – Holiday Shop

Holiday shop raised $5,134, Christina already has product for next year.  Stuff appropriate will be sold at the book fair.  Nobody came to evening event during choir performance so we won’t do that again.

Kelly – Teacher Luncheon

PTO only paid $200 because CPK owed us money from the last time we used them.  Books, gift cards and kindle were raffled, teachers were very appreciative

Barnes – Any plan for teachers during conference week?  It would be nice to provide snacks during the week.  Kelly will check into the budget and with Brianne.  Mrs. Jameson will check with the climate committee to see if they could contribute.

Meredith – Dining fudraisiers

Scoop and Joy was terrible we only raised $40

Spinatos on 1/23 they would like paper flyers.  Can we buy gift cards on that day?  It includes dine in and take out.

Portillos – 2/21 they also have a reading reward and good grade program that we should look in to.

Chipotle – March

Chick Fil A – April

As You Wish – April/May

Kelly – Trekkers – they need volunteers, people are signing up and not showing.  Kelly mentioned on the sign up that if you can’t make it to please take your name off the sign up.  Cards will be handled the way they always have been.

Education Funding Talk 2/7 @ 7:00pm – hosted by Bryanne King coming up – Where does $ come from and go for education.  Nicole BoBo knows people who do the same and could set something up too.

Beits – Family Game Night – 2/15 – Bingo Dads group thing to promote more involvement for dads.  Going to send out more information soon.  Could we put something into the principal letter?  Mr. Barnes – write something up and he will put it in.  Keeping it easy this year, no pizzas, hot dogs and chips, tickets will be available to buy online and they will have to sell at the door.  They have decided to drop the $1.00 cards, $5.00 will be the lowest cost available.  Cash only at the door to cut down on cc transactions.  Online will have special pricing.

Michelle Kaufman – Used Book Fair – 3/5-3/7 – 2 weeks to set up.  We need to get volunteers to unload, sort and lay out room.  We have so many books we don’t need to ask for books this year.  Every book has been labeled with AR points.  Going to use the same room as the holiday shop.  Sign UP will be going out soon.

Field Day 3/9 – Mr. Bragg

Online Auction -3/26 Carla Calvisi – Donor letters have already gone out.  Looking for parents to donate.  Anyone can help with donations and help collect donations.  If people need the letter for donors you can get it from Carla.  Mrs. Jameson will ask the teacher about getting teacher treasures.  Can we get another parking spot?

Beits – What about the tiles that were done through PTO member drive, can we add that to the auction?

Spirit wear sale – we need to do one yes?  Asked to get spirit wear for women and we haven’t sold a lot.

Mr. Barnes – how many people come to field day?  Not many, more come to fun run and most of the people that come to field day are there to volunteer.  Band Concert had great turn out.

Kelly – Art Walk & Spring Baskets – Could we have the chorus sing on the same night and make it a fine arts night .  Mr. Barnes – The teacher have ideas and can we have someone from PTO speak at staff meeting.

Mrs. Jameson – 5/3 – she will check with choir band and strings

Talent Show – Mrs Abbott doing talent show in March

Nicole Bobo – Dance – Date???? 4/27 or 5/11 –  4th and 5th grade teachers had concern that the dance drama will make its way into the classroom .  Social media – no phones, no pictures and no in and out.

Anasazi Experience – Michelle K? Are we doing it?  Mr. Barnes teachers have been asking about it.

Mr. Barnes – Kinder and pre – k round up is coming up please put the word out.  Will we have a second prek?  He has asked and hopes that we can.

Next Year – Looking forward to next year – Michelle Kaufman will be president – Kelly will be treasurer – we need a secretary and corporate sponsorship let Kelly know if anyone is interested in being on the board for next year.

We have t-shirts right away which helped with membership drive this year.

2017-2018 $6,200 for the membership drive the goal for next year is $6,000

Meeting adjourned at 9:50

Next meeting is on 2/15