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PTO Meeting February 2018

PTO Meeting Minutes


  1. Fun Run Wrap UP
    1. Pledged $47,000
    2. Collected $41,000
      1. Historically we collect 90-93%
    3. PTO to send an email reminder to try to collect the remaining balance
    4. 2 students won the Grand Prize for most money pledged
    5. NEW YEAR
      1. Positive Response to the Fun Run
      2. Need to have a contract or written promise to have “Big Dog” attend
        1. Kids love him
  1. Spinnatos Wrap Up
    1. Raised $350
    2. 43 families participated
      1. Had a great turnout
  1. Portillos Fundraiser
    1. 2/21
    2. Reading certificate program to go home or already went home with students
      1. Book mark with a coupon for a piece of free cake
      1. $1100 raised
      1. Chiptole (3/20)
      2. Chick-Fil-A
  1. Family Game Night
    1. Tonight (2/15)
      1. 5:30
    2. Online pre-order sales for hot dogs
      1. Current Count 80
    3. Volunteers
      1. Few empty  spots
        1. Read Numbers
          1. May have students or teachers help with this
      2. Luis’ parent (Iaboni/Horen Kindergarten class) would like to help
        1. Gina to email Denisse (Luis’ Mom) to give Beits contact information to coordinate
  1. Used Book Fair
    1. Sent out Signup Genius for volunteers
      1. Need to resend out another request for volunteers
      2. A lot of empty spots on current signup
      3. Need more volunteers
        1. 2 weeks worth of volunteeres needed
          1. only have enough to cover 1 week
    2. List sent out with times of each class will attend for parents to either come help their child or volunteer
    3. Theme: Out of This World
      1. Need to donate or borrow space related items to display
    4. Set Up
      1. Tables 2/16
      2. Tuesday Books
    5. Wednesday Night
      1. Open during talent show
    6. Thursday Last day
  2. Online Auction
    1. Need help with Data entry
      1. Devin, Sara and Gina volunteer to help with entry
      2. Devin to be the contact person the night of the auction
        1. Be available on email
      3. Need to start data entry ASAP
    2. Auctioning 2 parking spaces
      1. One covered and one not
    3. Some items confirmed
      1. AG Doll
      2. AMC tickets
      3. AZ Airtime
      4. Dolphin Experience
      5. Flo’s
      6. Girly Girl
      7. Scottsdale Gun Club
      8. Bearizona
      9. McCormick/Stillman Train Park
    4. Marquee
      1. Ask Dianne for birthday messages
      2. Scratch that since limited staff to help change out the marquee lettering
        1. John Elliott on FMLA with major back issues
        2. PTO voted to use money in budget to help his family
        3. Kerry suggested a gift card
          1. Gift card over sending money
          2. Amount $200
          3. Visa gift card so his family can use it where they would like and are not limited to a place such as Target or Frys
          4. Need to get card
          5. Mail to his home address
  1. Communication
    1. Hard to get volunteers
    2. A lot of parents are not aware of what is happening in school
    3. Talk to Mr. Barnes to include important dates and upcoming events in his weekly newsletter
      1. Similar to last year
    4. WIN (What I need)
      1. Need better parent communication
      2. Need more communication on classroom updates
      3. Parents not getting enough communication
    5. Suggestions on what to focus on
      1. Paper Newsletters to go home
      2. Update on class curriculum
      3. Important Dates
      4. What’s Going at Anasazi
    1. Michele Kaufman – President
    2. Devin Johnson and Kelly Prosnier – Co Treasurers
    3. Sherry Stipp _VP Special Events
    4. Gina Dyer – Secretary
    5. Christina Livneh – Communications
  1. Items to Confirm with Mr. Barnes
    1. Art Walk
      1. Need to confirm if the Band and Strings Concert will be on the same night before we can plan
      2. Food trucks ??
        1. Kickback on food
    2. Water Fountain
      1. Filling Station in PE Room
      2. Update needed on quote
        1. Separate from the free replacements neat the playground / PE Room