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Anasazi PTO Meeting Minutes October 19, 2017

By October 24, 2017Meeting Minutes

PTO Meeting Minutes for October 19, 2017

Meeting started around 9:45 am

People in attendance were:

Aimee Avery

Tanya Sauerhoefer

Christina Livneh

Beits Linvneh

Neggi Jafari

Buy Rohani

Altina Scholl

Erin Novak

Christine Garofalo

Ashley G

Kelly Prosnier

Terri Bonnstetler

Gina Dyer

Tricia Laches

Lynette Collins

Jen Tepedino

Meredith McManus

Kevin Mszanowski

Julie Figura

Krista Roland

Cindy Baggioglu

Devin Johnson

  • Scholastic Book Fair raised $2,659.14
  • Yogurtology fundraiser night raised $170
  • Vig district fundraiser $73

Mr. Barnes:

    • Anasazi A school
    • Showcase Saturday
    • District will be announcing school grades soon

Mr. B – What do we do for Halloween?

    • no costumes – fall parties
    • wax museum
    • Pumpkin contest
    • He will look into the district policy about costumes


    • Trekker start Nov 3, need volunteers, will run until March.
      • we will need to cancel days if people do not volunteer
    • Nicole Bobo went to Mr. Barnes and asked about doing a dance for the 4th and 5th graders, she will be putting a committee together


    • Lots of interesting information coming out about district, stay informed and watch for more information to come.


    • PCN – Principal Connection Network
      • Last meeting only 4 people showed
      • will not be meeting at 4:00 again, obviously not a good time for parents
    • Eggstasy new location near Goldies and Zipps, what about having December meeting?  PTO agreed
    • Halloween Buy Back – Dr. Hoffman
      • Tonya Hung will coordinate candy collection
      • Thanks to Tamara at Dr. Hoffman for setting up program

Cindy Baggioglu:

    • Educational Support Recognition Day
    • Mountainside already has luncheon scheduled
    • How can we celebrate and acknowledge them?
    • Maybe just bring them food from the luncheons
    • Support Staff Day?  Have a portion of proceeds from a fundraiser? Student Council make posters? News Crew recognitioin?
    • Possible buy gift cards on the Zipps and Goldies night?

Jen Tepedino – Carnival

    • Kelly – Wednesday 25 – Unloading the shed after drop-off, need volunteers to unload
    • Monday 30 – Clean up, Michelle K will be here to coordinate and of course we need volunteers
    • Carnival plus day of carnival we need volunteers, can’t make it happen with out people.
    • PTO table in the past we had 2 cash boxes
    • Consigning kettle korn $5 each and we keep $2
    • Cotton Candy – Aimee and Sonia will make it
    • Prize board? thinking about increasing prices
    • Pre – Orders for carnival total $2,000 to date
    • 87 wrist bands sold
    • 74 orders total
    • Pre order until Monday for carnival
    • Albertsons Food – purchase water, soda and chips thru Costco
    • Food – Kona Ice, Kettle Corn, cotton Candy and scoop of joy

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 am