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Anasazi PTO Meeting Minutes – December 6, 2017

By December 18, 2017Meeting Minutes

The December PTO Meeting was held off-site at Eggstasy to celebrate the holidays.

People in attendance:

Aimee Avery

Victoria Flannigan

Kathy Spivey

Nicole BoBo

Tanjia Hong

Devin Johnson

Lynette Collins

Kelly Prosnier

Terri Bonnstetler

Christina Livneh

Beits Livneh

Tanya Sauerhoefer

Suzi Barrow

Jen Tepedino

Lyn Fraleigh

Traicia Laches

Krystal Laltann

Gina Dyer

Chris Dyer

Meeting started around 9:28 am


Western Day at 1:00

Zipps fundraiser raised $250.00 from sales of gift cards

Next fundraiser will be at Scoop & Joy December 20th on the early release day.  Spinatos is possible fundraiser is we have 1-50 orders we will receive 20%, 50-100 30% and 100+ 40%, dine in and take out they only do it on Sunday-Tuesday.

Other possible fundraisers:

Chiptole, Portillos, Chick Fil A, Papa Johns if we do 2 they will donate a free teacher lunch.


Trekkers – Beits – huge waste of time to distribute cards outside, can teachers do it ahead of time?

We need more chains, no runners in 5th grade a few in 4th grade.  Prizes for top runners, we have stuff from last year.  Trying to encourage kids to do one or two laps.  Fridays – reminder to teacher, email? put cars in teachers box on Fridays after trekkers so they have them for next time?  Budget is good, Kelly got a $250 grant from Mayo, overall everything is going well.


Dance – Ethan (DJ) wants to meet with Mrs. Abbott. Dance will be on Friday April 13, glow party theme for 4th & 5th from 6:00 – 8:00.

Teacher Luncheon December 19 – CPK will be catering, they will be raffling items off to the teachers.

Holiday Shoppe – wrappers needed, need people to fill sign up, email will go out tonight.

Fun Run – Big Dog will be there, January 22 fun run Pep Rally


Barnes sent email about social media presentation.  According to Barnes all principals are jumping on board but he couldn’t tell us what exactly we get for the money.  Looking into different companies.

Next year positions, if anyone is interested in board positions let her know any time.

Next meeting is scheduled for January 18th, 2018