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Anasazi PTO Meeting Minutes 11/15/17

By November 18, 2017Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 8:50

People in attendance:

Aimee Avery

Sara Goldman

Tanya Sauerhafer

Christina and Beits Livneh

Tricia Laches

Altina Scholl

Neggi Jafari

Kelly Prosnier

Sherry Stipp

Nicole BoBo

Devin Johnson

Michelle Kaufman

Jen Tepedino

Gina Dyer

Thank you to Mrs. Jameson and teachers for treating us with breakfast this morning.

Kelly Prosnier:

Zipps and Goldies fundraiser tonight, buy girt card to use or give as gift and they will give a percentage back to Anasazi.

Western Day is December 6 from 1:00 – 2:00, same day as our PTO holiday meeting that we are having off site at Eggstasy so we have told administration that we will not be popping pop corn this year.

Trekker – committee is not in attendance but say that all is going well, kids are having fun and they keep trekking along.

Halloween Buy Back we made $117.80, thank you Tonya for coordinating.


We are at $13,385.00 for the membership drive and $1,600 for Birthday Book Club.


Water fountain, she met with district for quote for 2 outside fountains and found out that they just installed all new bottle filler fountains at Copper Ridge, so we are not getting our replaced by the district, 2 outside and one in PE room.  PTO still wants to look at installing a bottle filler chilled fountain somewhere near PE room .  Christina met with Mr. Barnes to find a spot and will report back.

Nicole BoBo:

Nicole is organizing a dance for the 4th and 5th graders.  Looking at a Friday in April, checking on dates.  Mr. Barnes would like to keep the dance to 1.5 hours PTO asked if we could stretch it to 2 hours.  DJ Ethan Wasserman will provide services for free if his daughter can be the guest DJ since she isn’t in 4th or 5th grade.  Janitors will be available to clean up .  Mrs. Abbott will donate decor along with Nicole, trying to keep it simple, maybe a glow party?  RSVP invites, tickets will be $5 for students and they must be accompanied by a guardian.  Looking at ways to get student council involved.

Jen Tepedino:

Carnival, we covered expenses but didn’t make a lot of money, which is not unusual.  Jen will do it again next year!  Sara’s brother said if we get a date to him well in advance he might be able to mange vendors.  Possibly just do food trucks so we don’t have to spend so much money on food.  Need better PA system to announce pie throw, people missed it, maybe have Diane announce from office or get a bull horn.  Gina did great with the volunteers, she says we need to go back to having two shifts for sure.


Master learning initiative: Only 4 teachers want to continue Mr. Bragg, Ms. Moses, Mrs. Vassaux and Mrs Gallios.  PTO will fund them to an amount of $1,214.

Michelle K:

Principal meeting at the high school she learned of the Crisis Council Committee which all schools have.  Made up of teachers, right not Anasazi is sharing a school psychologist, was told that they are looking to hire someone.

Michelle brought up the subject of what make Anasazi special and a school of choice.  Laguna is a STEM school, Cheynne Tradition, but what are we?  News crew… IB Primary Years Programme?


Holiday Shoppe is going to be in Mrs. Jameson’s old classroom.  Taking pictures of items and posting so people can see what we are going to have $1.00 – $15.  Parent event the night of December 14 to coincide with the Choir concert

Mountainside Meeting about MYP November 30th

PTO board voted on new bylaws and passed them.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 am.